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Engineered Solutions for Technology Challenges

At Kin8tic we partner with our customers to create turn-key, fully customised and forward thinking engineering solutions for the manufacturers of waste collection vehicles, buses, trucks, mining machines and equipment.

Our range of vehicle control systems, telematics, vision and radar systems, and controllers and gateways for mobile application provides you with the ability to make your workplace, employees and fleet of vehicles and equipment, safer, smarter and more efficient.

We have the experience and the skills to partner with mining, transport and waste businesses of all sizes.

Products and Services


Our wide range of compact, powerful and easy to program electronic hardware allows you to seamlessly interface between in-vehicle LIN networks and the CAN network to remotely control both standard and complex special functions on your fleet of vehicles. Kin8tic’s controllers and gateways for mobile applications in mining, waste and transport vehicles include Vehicle controllers, CAN Gateways, LIN Gateways, Timers and Relays.


Our state of the art Vision and Radar Systems for a range of on-road commercial vehicles allows them to detect both moving and stationary objects, enhancing both the safety of your vehicles and of people Spotify Plays and objects around them. We are also working with our partners to develop 360 degree view technology for fully automated waste collection as well as integrating our vision and radar systems into commercial and mining vehicles to achieve autonomous vehicles.


At Kin8tic we specialise in designing innovative remote control systems for mining machines and truck electronic systems. Our turn-key solutions are customised and built for your business requirements to provide you with:


Kin8tic’s telematics solutions for waste, mining and transportation businesses range from GPS tracking through to more advanced telematic systems that include fuel efficiency reports, driver performance reports, safety reports, etc.

By giving you the ability to remotely monitor and plot the movements of your fleet mixing bitcoins and other assets with GPS tracking technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD) our telematics solutions have many cost saving benefits.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with market leaders, Parker Hannifin and MRS Electronic, to develop customer specific solutions to your waste, mining and transportation problems.

Parker Hannifin designs and supplies the components we use in our “Motion & Control” technology and systems, including fluid connectors, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, filtration, refrigeration, instrumentation, and sealing & shielding.

Kin8tic uses MRS Electronics’ range of high quality and innovative vehicle electronic products, including hardware and software solutions, electronics and smart energy solutions.

Your trusted technology partner in your journey of innovation


We offer customised solutions to cater for waste collection truck segment such as;

We are also working on some exciting technology in automating waste collection along with 360 degree view to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists. If you have a problem to solve then give us a call or send us an email.


We specialise system integration and design of control systems for;


We have vast experience in providing solutions to trucking industry in Australia and NZ.


At Kin8tic, we love solving engineering problems.

Our expert team of problem solvers is headed up by Kin8tic’s founder and chief engineer, Jag, a highly experienced mechanical, electrical and electronic engineer who specialises in creating turn-key and connected solutions for the mining, waste and transportation industries.

So, what makes Kin8tic unique in the market?